January 24, 2015

BEYOND THE PODIUM: The 24 Hours of Le Mans

Every year since 1923 the town of Le Mans becomes the global epicenter of all car fans. It is the race for excellence. After spending some years in the ostracism of 2014 edition promises to be the door to a new era of great deeds on four wheels.

Le Mans is racing, Formula 1 is show. Well, until recently spectacle, and no.". Can not say more in fewer words. The 24 hours are taking influence from what it was before the formula 1. The competition formula and innovative cars on pure, all against all.

Porsche returned to the premier class after years of absence.Toyota is a real threat to the almighty Audis that have dominated the past editions. To the next edition of 2015 Nissan has announced that it will run also in the LMP1 category. Hopefully as successfully as it has been doing in recent years in the LMP2 and Lucas OrdoƱez at the wheel of one of its prototypes.

It is said that Red Bull would have instructed his engineer Adrian Newey to design a car to compete in 24 hours. Even Ferrari would also raising the possibility. It's easy to understand why. Current Formula 1 designed by the FIA and Ecclestone is driving people off the circuits. So, there are fewer attendance and television audiences are also descending. The new regulation has made fans and Formula 1 teams rotate the view to what they mean 24 hours of Le Mans. Pure competition. all against all. An lighter regulation where everyone can opt for diesel or gasoline engines, or hybrids, even electric.

Where mechanisms for energy recovery engines are different according to the ingenuity of each team when manufacture them. This is also a race where the glory and reached for only participate. The greatness of the environment that surrounds it, within 24 hours everything is accessible. From the "Drivers Parade" parade of drivers passing through the town of Mans Friday afternoon to their own pit lane where fans can be next to the cars and drivers until a few minutes before it to the checkered flag off. And what about the thousands of fans from all over the world (150,000 annually) camping within the limits of the circuit to follow the racing progressing.